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Acting Out Theatre, Co’s “Legally Blonde”!
VPM is very excited about being the Harvard backdrop for Acting Out Theatre, Co.'s performance of "Legally Blonde"!
While waiting on the additional materials for fifteen more display cases, here's what the two prototypes look like in the recently painted lobby!
Art Mural
A color sketch by local artist Jenna Varley for the wall murals in the Travel Exhibit room that will be displaying vintage train cases and suitcases from all over the world. Jenna Varley, 30, of Kankakee, IL., who has her art displayed at the Merchant Street Art Gallery for Autism is also a Board Member of Vintage Purse Museum, NFP.
It’s cold!
It was minus 12 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 24 degrees Celsius) this past weekend with a wind chill of minus 35 degrees. Grateful to Glade Plumbing and Piping for repairing the boilers before winter. It's cold!
Custom Easy Access Exhibit Displays
Customized museum Display cases made of aluminum and polycarbonate clear plastic with an easy access design to easily update display design. Specifically designed to match the Art-Deco elements in the lobby of the building. This is a Patent Pending idea!