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Restore the Grand Art-Deco 3 Diversatech Drive Building into a Museum

Originally built in the 1920s as the administrative building for the Manteno State Hospital, 3 Diversatech Dr, in Manteno, IL was more recently used as administrative offices for Homestar Bank, from the 1990s up until February 2019, at which point it was abandoned, up until Vintage Purse Museum acquired the building on July 31, 2023. In the search for a home for the Vintage Purse Museum, the preference included a building that is somewhat immediately usable or with minimal modifications or repairs required. Aesthetically, we wanted a building that included some historical significance, and/or architecture that will contribute to the nostalgic content of the museum and be an attraction unto itself. There's more repairs than originally anticipated, so we can use your help.

We will get there, with your help.

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Employment for Special Needs Adults

The Vintage Purse Museum will be a stepping stone to acquire skills and confidence to achieve a more joyful life by breaking down the barriers that imprison special needs adults in poverty. A sanctuary and flexible employment environment (we can create a job that matches their skill-set), with mentoring and training that provides a safe haven to reach out, interact with people, feel satisfaction and confidence from a job done well to expand horizons and life goals. The Vintage Purse Museum will encourage growth and independence, no matter what challenges a person faces so they may thrive.

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